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Wish Upon a Party is looking for trained performers to help make dreams come true! Wish Upon a Party provides character entertainment for children’s birthday parties and other various charity events. We believe all children deserve a little bit of magic. We are hiring for all roles, but are looking specifically for performers able to portray the Ice Queen, Island Princess, Beauty Princess, and Sleeping Princess. For more information about our business and characters, see our website www.wishuponapartyutah.com.

In order to be considered for an audition, please email why you are interested in becoming one of our performers, along with your headshot and resume to wishuponapartyutah@gmail.com. If you meet all of our requirements, we will email you to set up a private audition and interview. You will be required to sing.

Our requirements to audition are:

You must be at least 16 years old.
Dress size 0-8
Willing to do charity work
Comfortable with improvisation
Availability on weekends
Please disclose any tattoos

View full ad and cast list at backstageutah.com.

JOB OPPORTUNITY 2018: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Leah Hodson (BFA in Acting, 2016), is working at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis as an actor and wanted to let TMA students and faculty be aware of job openings that current seniors or recent alumni might be interested in. The museum is specifically hiring part-time actors, full-time actors, and a lighting designer. All those interested parties should submit their resume here. Actors should click the Interpretation section and the lighting designer should go to Exhibit Production. Feel free to contact Leah if you have any questions:  ljsmiles4@gmail.com. Here’s more about how the museum uses professional actors:

Instead of walking around on your own, reading plaques and looking in display cases, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has an Interpretation department whose staff make the museum exhibits more than a visual or intellectual experience. This is from the museum website:

“From gallery facilitators, to trained actors within exhibits, to full-scale Lilly Theater productions, our Interpretation department plays an integral role here. They bring the museum to life by delivering world-class interpretation programs and presentations to our visitors.”

Actors (how Leah is employed) and facilitators put on programs for the visitors concerning the subject matter of the exhibits. Some of the exhibits we have include ScienceWorks (a gallery that includes interactive information about ponds, caves, farms, mines, rivers, STEM research, and more), Playscape (a gallery for toddlers that introduces art, music, and tactile experiences), Power of Children (recreations of the lives of Ann Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White–all children who changed the world), DinoSphere (all about dinosaurs and their fossils), and others. Some programs are 10-15 min one person shows from the perspective of the real people in the exhibits, such as Otto Frank telling the story of the secret annex and concentration camps. Other programs are more discussion or movement based. In the Circus exhibit’s Do-It-Yourself Circus program, staff work with museum goers to create a performance together! There is also a full-fledged TYA theater which operates out of the Museum and its staff. Most recently the Lilly Theater put on Gruff!: the Musical, a pre-school version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  A facilitator or actor would move about the museum, doing many programs a day and helping visitors to more fully experience the galleries, and (hopefully) walk away wanting to learn more.

Visit the children’s museum’s website for more information: https://www.childrensmuseum.org/content/careers

Picture1.pngJohn G. doing a In their Shoes: A Walk in the Life of Ruby Bridges

Picture2.pngAmy V. doing Cave Detectives in ScienceWorks

AJ M. doing music time with the toddlers

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Theater Mitu 2018

Interested in traveling the world with an established interdisciplinary arts company committed to challenging the parameters of theater research and performance?
Theater Mitu is now accepting applications for a full-time salaried General Manager who will oversee our organizational management, finances, development, and strategic planning.
For details about the position and how you can apply, CLICK HERE!

DIRECTING OPPORTUNITY: Highland City Arts 2018 Season

The Highland City Arts Board, which serves the community with theater programs and art classes, is currently looking for students or faculty who would be interested in directing their spring and fall shows for the 2018 season. If interested, please contact Kathy Castleton (801-362-0985kathycastleton@gmail.com).