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Casting Call 2018: Voice Over Narrators

A group of BYU Alumni are gathering stories of missionaries successfully reaching the hearts of people. With the encouragement of the Missionary Department of the Church, we are sharing these stories with missionaries in the field on a Facebook page and group. Our hope is that by sharing these successful stories of reaching the hearts of people, missionaries will have more success and will in turn share their stories of success.

We need your help right away to narrate these missionary stories and readings. They are short, usually 1-2 minutes long. They are found in written form on a google doc for the Facebook page and group. They need to be narrated to be more effective. Each piece on the google doc that needs to be narrated begins with Story or Reading in red. You can click on it and the piece will come up. We will pay $15 for each accepted narration, (except for the short cloud narrations-$10) up to a maximum of 15 stories or readings per actor/actress. There are approximately 80 such narrations or readings needed. You can probably record yourself narrating your 15 stories or readings in a couple of hours. Here is how it works.

  1. We need both genders, and we need the gender to correspond with the express or implied designation of the story. If there is no such designation, we would like it narrated by a woman.
  2. We would like you to intersperse your narrations among the various topics so we don’t have your narrations one story or reading right after another.
  3. Sign up alongside the fifteen stories or readings you want to do by providing your name and contact information of your email and address, as a comment on the google doc.  (Click on Insert and then Comment.) Two people cannot sign up for the same story or reading. And do not narrate video stories since we already have the audio for them.
  4. Read aloud the story or reading you are going to record a few times until you can say it with conviction and feeling. Please read it naturally, as if you were talking to a person near you. Don’t read it in a hurry. Do NOT read the summary to the Stories, nor the title to the Stories, but YES read the summary or title to the Readings, and read the name or description of the author at the end, which is what Ken Burns does.
  5. Then record it in a quiet place and attach it as a link. (Click on Insert and then Link.)
  6. You can simply record your audio on your smart phone. Or you can record a selfie on your smart phone—don’t worry about the video portion, just the audio which is all we will use. Either way, you will need to post your recording somewhere, perhaps your Facebook page or YouTube channel, and provide a link to it on the google doc.
  7. If a narration isn’t accepted we will let you know and will open the story or reading up for others to sign up for.
  8. We will send you a check for your accepted recordings.

Feel free to call or text us if you have any questions: Von Packard Cell: (650) 279-7370 or Professor Dennis Packard Cell: (801) 369-4032.

Thank you for your help! This will assist missionaries around the world.

Audition 2018: *PAID — Casting for Short Film

Log-line: A young dad gets a new perspective on parenthood after discovering some old family photos.

Lead: David 25-35
Supporting: Grace 25-35 (David’s wife)
Karen 55-65 (David’s Mother)
Doug 25-35 (young version of David’s father)

Filming: Saturday, November 10th in Utah County.

To apply for this audition, click here.

Audition 2018: PAID* – Casting Call – Male/Female Improv

Casting Call – *Paid*
$50 per Video (1-3 hrs)
(1-3 Days a Week)

For Kids Youtube Channels, we need more actors!

-Looking for Female or Male actors from ages 19-40
-All Ethnicities
-Can Improv on a subject

To apply, click here.