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WSR: Be You 10 Day Challenge

BYU Women’s Services & Resources is getting ready to hold its annual Be You 10 Day Challenge from September 21st through the 29th. Be You is a campaign designed to reshape the ideas and attitudes about self-worth from those promoted in today’s popular culture. The mission of Women’s Services & Resources and the Be You Campaign is to empower women and men to create a life of confidence and self-acceptance.  Every day of Be You there is a theme and a small coordinating challenge to get students involved.

We are especially excited about our keynote lecture given by John Bytheway on September 20th from 7-8PM in the WSC Ballroom.  John Bytheway will speak on how to “Be Fearless” – one of our 10-day challenge topics. Along with our keynote speaker, we will have fun events such as a polaroid giveaway on the 21st for those using the #BYUBeYou and an ice cream celebration with the Penguin Brothers Ice-Cream on the 29th.