Department Notices

Convocation Video 2019

For those of you who missed convocations, or want to hear what your favorite speaker said again, a video of the entire celebration can be found here. We wish all our graduates the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives, and hope you can find valuable lessons in their speeches.

Commencement and Convocations 2019

Here is the commencement website for all information about when they should line up for commencement: Also, here is the convocation website for all information for our college convocations:

Volunteer Opportunity, Actors Needed for Nursing Simulations

The BYU Nursing department is in need of actors to act as extras in Nursing Simulations. Actors would portray family members of patients who are being treated for a specific medical condition. Specific medical knowledge/experience is NOT needed to participate. Simulations will be held on the following dates: March 7-8, 21-22, and 28-29. Each simulation should last about one hour. To sign up for this opportunity, click the link below:

College of Fine Arts and Communications Graduation Information

Brigham Young University has chosen to host graduation ceremonies once a year starting in April 2019.  August graduation ceremonies will no longer be held.

April 2019 ceremonies will celebrate December 2018 graduates, April 2019 candidates, June 2019 candidates and August 2019 candidates. If you are targeting one of those four graduation dates, the April 2019 ceremony will be your one-time opportunity to participate. It is critical that you plan accordingly.


If you intend to graduate in one of the four options above, you must initiate the online graduation application and request a follow-up appointment with your CFAC academic advisor according to the following deadlines:

  • December 2018: September 15, 2018 (PAST DUE–see Advisement Center ASAP!)
  • April 2019: on or before November 15, 2018 (PAST DUE—see Advisement Center ASAP!)
  • June 2019 and August 2019: on or before February 15, 2019

NOTE: if you apply late, your name may not appear in the printed program and you may forfeit ticketed convocation seating options in the de Jong Concert Hall for graduates’ guests. 

Commencement and Convocation Ceremonies
April 2019 graduation ceremonies will be held as follows:

  • University commencement: (You should have received a separate email from University Communications with their detailed information. If you did not receive an email, please subscribe to their email list through this form.)
    • Thursday, April 25th @ 10:00am – Marriott Center
  • College of Fine Arts and Communications (CFAC) convocations:
    • Friday, April 26th – de Jong Concert Hall, HFAC
Communications Art,




Theatre & Media Arts(including MDT)

@ 9:00am @ 12:00noon @ 3:00pm

The following viewing options are available to make the CFAC convocation ceremonies accessible for as many graduates’ guests as possible:

  1. Free ticketed seating (4 guest tickets per graduate) in the de Jong Concert Hall
  2. General overflow seating at an HFAC location – to be determined
  3. Online streaming: or via a banner on the College website

Ticket distribution details are not finalized. Please watch for forthcoming information soon.

Thank you!

Please note that many details pertaining to graduation are available to you and to students at We will do our best to keep you informed of college-specific info as it becomes available.

Mass Casualty Simulation Event – Fall 2018

In conjunction with the University EMS students, The College of Nursing, The TMA Department and University Police, the Fall Semester Mass Casualty Simulation Event is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2018. We need 100+ victims who can commit to the entire time, and be willing to have moulage makeup applied and act the part, so we can work together to train each other and prepare for emergencies on campus. Please go here to sign up:

If you would like to know what the event is like, check out this video from last semester:

Changes to Student Employee Clock in and out Procedures

NOTICE for all TMA Student Employees: For those of you accustomed to clocking in and out on the telephone, in January 2019 the phone system will no longer be available to you. The new system for your cell phone is available via the BYU app if you would like to change to this system.

Please be sure that you clock in when you arrive at work and clock out as you are leaving. Clocking in at another location and then walking/driving to work is unethical, and could result in disciplinary action.

Fixing Your Timecard

  • Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for your timecard.
  • To correct a Y-Time Exception (error), fill out a Y-Time Correction Form (located in our office, D-581 HFAC) and put it in the Business Office box in our office. It must be completely filled out and signed by your supervisor before any corrections can be made.
  • You can add a missing punch or delete a duplicate punch on your own, online. The duplicates must be deleted within 10 minutes in order to be able to self-correct.

The Business Office’s contact information is:

If you have any questions about this new policy, please contact Lindsi Neilson at

Clock in and out.jpg

Late Passes are Required

There have recently been some students and non-students in the HFAC after hours.  Please be aware that Security for the HFAC building will enforce the 11pm closing time of the HFAC.  TMA Students who are working on a project or work after that time must have a late pass permission slip.  Late passes are available at the TMA front office (D581 HFAC) and must be filled out, signed and delivered to B280 of the HFAC, the Custodial Office. These passes are valid for up to two weeks, but if you need a longer time frame than that, a request can be submitted for the pass length to be extended. Students who do not have a late pass will be asked to leave so security can help keep everyone safe.

Volunteer Opportunity, Make-up Models Needed

We are always in need of models for our makeup classes. For those in need of service hours, there is a digital sign up link below and you are welcome to share with your friends.

Important Update from the CFAC

The College of Fine Arts and Communications (CFAC) wants to stay updated on all your summer adventures! From study abroad programs to internships, we want to hear about your experiences. There are two ways to share your summer with us:

  1. Use #ExperienceCFAC on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Submit your stories through the online portal:
    1. Contribute details for a CFAC news feature.
    2. Write a personal essay and upload it. If you would like us to publish your story on our sites, please see our Publication Guidelines and Agreement.

We are excited to see all the adventures you go on this summer!

Volunteers Needed: TURN Community Services
TURN Community Services is the oldest and one of the largest non-profit providers of services for people with disabilities in Utah! Founded in 1973, TURN remains committed to exceptional care and services to people in community settings. We have day programs, art centers, group homes, individual apartment, serving and supporting persons with developmental disabilities. These programs focus on self-reliance, community involvement, personal responsibility, and individual choice.

Come perform or teach at one of the TURN Community Art and Learning Centers. This is a great way to serve, build your resume or CV, and develop your teaching skills while becoming more comfortable performing in front of live audience.

To coordinate this opportunity, please contact:
Brian Hoffmann, (801) 636-6117 and

Volunteers Needed: Timberline – National Youth Leadership Training
Calling all adults!! Want to be a part of something great? Join us this year at Timberline, a National Youth Leadership Training course for boys 12 to 18. This is one of the best programs to help young men learn how to lead their priesthood quorums or troop at home. Many of these young men come home with a new vision for their life. We’re looking for adults that are willing to help these young men learn to be leaders. Our main requirement is to be ready to have fun. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Let us know if you’re interested! We’ll answer all your questions. Fill out this simple form to get started.

Makeup Models Needed
Come be a model for our intermediate and advanced makeup classes! Count your service hours for other TMA class requirements and come see the amazing things our makeup students can do. Sign ups for Winter 2018 semester can be found here.

Theatre Aspen Summer Apprentice Program

The Theatre Aspen summer apprentice program is currently accepting applications. The 13-week program is available to anyone in school or who has recently graduated, and offers a perfect bridge from study to ‘real world’ application with 15 positions available. The program is free, and includes travel and housing, plus a meal stipend. The program is especially seeking apprentices interested in theatre education, for two positions. Graham Northrup, the Director of Education, is a BYU alum, and so there is a special interest in recruiting from our institution. Performance applications accepted beginning January 1, 2018, due by February 28th, 2018. Download the program description here.
Click for more information, including helpful videos and a link to the application portal.

The 4th WALL: The dramaturgy program is thrilled to introduce The 4th WALL: The TMA dramaturgY project.  The 4th WALL is a website dedicated to providing insider access to the theatrical productions at Brigham Young University. Whether it is insights from the rehearsal room, interesting historical information, interviews with the production team or more, the BYU dramaturgs are working to break down that 4th WALL. Go to to see more!

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