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Now Playing: SEUSSICAL at the Loveland Performing Arts Center

Heritage students are excited to present Seussical, May 4 & 5 at 7:00 pm at the Loveland Performing Arts Center located on Heritage’s campus.

This new musical story, based on the works of Dr. Seuss, weaves together his most famous tales and characters in fun and unexpected ways! From Broadway to your own neck of the woods, audiences and cast members have been able to dive into the world of Dr. Seuss nationwide since 2000. This imaginative story helps us all believe in the power of our own imagination, shows us the value of helping a friend, and helps us remember to be ourselves.

Performing for a sold-out crowd in our state-of-the-art, 620 seat Loveland Performing Arts Center is one of many life-changing opportunities students experience at Heritage. Three months of diligent practice, getting out of their comfort zones, memorizing lines, singing and dancing finally pays off when a sold-out crowd, including members of the local community, their family members and Heritage staff, provide a standing ovation!

Directed by: Julia DuBois

Music direction by: Andrew Walsh

Choreography by: Jasmine Petrell

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Looking To Pursue Comedy?

The greatest comedic actors of our age all got their start at improv schools. Stephen Colbert (Second City), Tina Fey (Improv Olympic), Bobby Moynihan (Upright Citizens Brigade), and Will Ferrell (The Groundlings) are who they are today because of their improvisation education. Whether you are looking to break into comedy in the big hubs or locally, the best way to get started is join a comedy school.

Utah’s first comedy school, ImprovBroadway, has opened just down the street and is looking for students to study, perform, and produce original comedy. Study comedy while in school and join Utah’s fastest growing comedy community. Find more information here.

Now Playing: BETTY BLUE EYES at the Hale Center Theatre

World War II is won, but the people of Northern England are still feeling its effects. However, while thin rations and SPAM abound, local dignitaries are living it large by secretly rearing a pig named Betty for their upcoming Royal banquet. It’s up to Gilbert, a kindhearted chiropodist, and his determined wife Joyce to set things right…by stealing Betty. A hilarious musical straight from London’s West end!

Betty Blue Eyes will be playing at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem from April 20th through May 27th.

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Creative Writing Contest: Win this $2000 Ring


This $2000 platinum and 1k yellow gold ring loves love. It was created to express undying love and it really wants to get back out into the world doing what it loves most. That’s where you come in. I’m not asking you to make me believe in romantic love again. I already believe. I just haven’t seen evidence of it for a long, long time. What I want you to do is to shore up my hope that romantic love can actually happen in this crazy world of heartbreak and dashed dreams. Tell me your story (or somebody else’s). Warm my heart. Make me laugh. Make me happy to cry. In return, one of you will get this $2000 platinum and 18k yellow gold men’s wedding band (size 10/11). The winner will receive the ring, the top three entries will be published on the blog for the Speak For Yourself Open Mic community (, and the top five writers will be invited to read from their work as special features for Speak For Yourself Open Mic in Provo, Utah (feature restricted to local writers or those who can pay for their own travel). There is no restriction on form other than that the entries must be no longer than 10 pages and should represent your own work. $19.99 entry fee. If the campaign earns more money than the ring is valued at, the two runner-up submissions will receive a cash prize.

This campaign is currently an open call but it is recommended that entries be submitted by May 30 or earlier.

Submit to:

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES at the Covey Center


Green Gables is the home of lovable Matthew Cuthbert and his stern sister, Marilla. They agree to adopt a boy to help with the farm work. Imagine their consternation when Anne Shirley, a girl in her teens, is sent by the orphanage by mistake! Anne touches Matthew’s heart with her vivid imagination and her charitable viewpoint, but it takes time to reach the tender heart beneath Marilla’s hard exterior. Then there is young Diana Barry, a lad named Gilbert Blythe and Matthew, Anne’s kindred spirit.

This lovely classic is very simple to present and full of warmth and wit. Directed by Lynn Bronson.

Anne of Green Gables will be playing at the Covey Center for the Arts April 27-May 19.

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BYU Ankle Sprain Research – Participants Needed ($30)

BYU Ankle Sprain Research – Participants Needed ($30)

Have you ever sprained your ankle?  This research study is for you!  Researchers in the BYU exercise sciences are interested in evaluating whether functional performance tests (e.g., ankle range of motion test, balance test, and multiple hop test) can predict jump-landing biomechanics.

Participant Requirements:

  • Male or female aged 18 to 35 years
  • A history of ankle sprain injury
  •        Physical activity at least 3 times/week, a total time of 90 min/week in 3 months prior
  • No previous musculoskeletal (e.g., bone, joint structures, or nerves) surgeries or fractures
  • No sports-related injuries in the previous 3 months

Participants will receive $30 upon completion of the study, and total time commitment is around 2 hours.

If you want to participate in this study, please complete our online survey at the following link:

For more information, please contact Jun Son at