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Important Update from the CFAC 2018

The College of Fine Arts and Communications (CFAC) wants to stay updated on all your summer adventures! From study abroad programs to internships, we want to hear about your experiences. There are two ways to share your summer with us:

  1. Use #ExperienceCFAC on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Submit your stories through the online portal:
    1. Contribute details for a CFAC news feature.
    2. Write a personal essay and upload it. If you would like us to publish your story on our sites, please see our Publication Guidelines and Agreement.

We are excited to see all the adventures you go on this summer!



We congratulate all those who participated in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival this past week.  In the Acting arena, we congratulate the following students who were recognized:

  • Irene Ryan National Finalist: Bradley Mackay (This is the 5th year in a row that a BYU student has been the Irene Ryan national finalist from Region 8.)
  • Regional Classical Acting Award (National partners of the American Theatre): Chelsea Mortensen (This is the 2nd year in a row that a BYU student has received the Classical Acting award.)
  • Irene Ryan Finalist/Semifinalists & partners: Bradley Mackay & Malia Mackay and
    Chelsea Mortensen & Clara Richardson
  • Musical Theatre Initiative Finalist: Madison Dennis

In the Design Tech area:

  • Lighting Design Fellowship Winner: Susan Kupferer
  • Sound Design Fellowship Alternate: Katie Tenney
  • Lighting Design Finalist: Susan Kupferer
  • Makeup and Hair Design Finalist: Sarah Bult
  • Sound Design Finalist: Katie Tenney
  • Stage Management Finalists: MK Park and Susan Kupferer

In the Dramaturgy and Directing areas:

  • Honorable mention in dramaturgy: Rachelle Sutton
  • Finalist in directing:  Mariah Eames
  • Faculty member George Nelson received the directing award for the ten minute play festival.

The three students that will return to the national competition in Washington D.C. this spring will be Bradley Mackay and his partner, Malia Mackay (Irene Ryan Scholarship Awards), and Susan Kupferer (Lighting Design).

Volunteer Opportunity 2018: Mass Casualty Simulation

The TMA Makeup area, in conjunction with the School of Nursing and the student EMT’s are holding a Mass Casualty Simulation, Saturday, March 10th. We are looking for 100 patients to exhibit a variety of wounds and symptoms to be treated by the nurses and EMT’s as they practice their response protocol.

Students who are willing to participate and can confirm their availability are encouraged to sign up. To sign up, click here.

LDS Film Festival 2018

As the LDS Film Festival gets closer, we would like remind you of the opportunities available!


24-Hour Competition
The 24-Hour Competition is the coveted event every year since it’s inception. Become an award-winning filmmaker in 24 hours. Sign up now! The time your film plays during the program depends upon the date you sign up, so sign up soon! For sign up information, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities
Free passes are given to those who desire to volunteer at the festival. Plus, connect with industry professionals and view films never before seen anywhere else. For more information, click here.

Podcast Booth

New this year! Contact us through the website and schedule a time to use the podcast booth. Through review of your podcast, we might even reward passes for those who promote the festival. For more information, click here.

Pitch Session

It is not available yet, but we have added a Pitch Session event for people serious about getting their idea in front of industry decision-makers. More information will be coming!

Start the Dialogue 2018

On February 9, 2018, the Women’s Services & Resources office is hosting a Pornography Conference. The goal of this conference is to help students, both female and male, understand and become more comfortable with talking about pornography with loved ones, friends, and professionals. We encourage you to attend this event, as it will be extremely beneficial for everyone.

Times and places of the four conference sessions are found below:

11:00 AM “Understanding the Realities of Pornography” by Brian J. Willoughby
Varsity Theatre
12:00 PM “Open the Dialogue” Discussion Panel
Varsity Theatre
1:00 PM “Core Recovery Principles: Taking Away Pornography’s Power” by Adam Moore
Varsity Theatre
2:00 PM “Be For Healthy Sexuality More than Against Pornography: A Key to Hope and Healing” by Jonathan Sandberg
WSC Garden Court

start the dialogue