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Find audition information for theatre productions around Utah Valley.

Workshop 2019: New England Theatre Conference

Auditions for NETC 2019 will be held on March 9-11, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Boston-Natick, Massachussetts. These auditions are open to college students and adults, 18 years or older. Approximately 30 theatres will be represented at these auditions, offering summer and year-round employment and job opportunities for performing applicants.

Instructions and application information is available on the following website: All applications should be students from the TMA department. Verification by the: 1) student’s department chairperson or major instructor and 2) a recommendation and comments from a director or teacher with whom the student has worked are required components of the NETC application. Additionally, comments should include the degree of formal training/experience a student has had. NETC acknowledges that many students have natural talent without having much training/experience and this information should be included in a student’s application. While specific comments should be included on ALL student applications, a separate letter of recommendation is not necessary. Please be certain all applications are complete. 

*SIDE NOTE: Strong Actors should apply for Acting Only slots (this will increase your chances for acceptance, as we turn away 200-300 Musical Theatre applicants each year).



Workshop/Audition 2018 – RMSSTA

After a hiatus last year, Rocky Mountain Summer Stock Theatre Auditions is back for 2019! We just opened up registration for RMSSTA 2019 and you can register through the following website:  It will be happening again at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT on Saturday, February 9, 2019 in the brand spanking new Noorda Center for the Performing Arts.

Students will have the chance to audition for multiple companies all on the same day.  Companies who have attended RMSSTA in the past include:

  • Brigham’s Playhouse,
  • Carriage House Theatre,
  • Jackson Hole Playhouse,
  • Jake’s Chaparral,
  • Lagoon Corporation,
  • Lyric Repertory Company,
  • Mack’s Inn Playhouse,
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre,
  • Pickleville Playhouse,
  • Pinecone Playhouse,
  • Post Playhouse,
  • So. Colo. Repertory Theatre,
  • Starlight Mountain Theatre,
  • Summer Rep Theatre Festival,
  • Sundance Summer Theatre,
  • Utah Festival Opera,
  • Musical Theatre, and
  • Tuacahn

Actors will still audition one by one for all of the companies in the brand new Smith Theatre in the Noorda Center for the Performing Arts at UVU. Actors planning on singing for their audition will be scheduled all together at the beginning of the day with non-singing actors scheduled for later in the day.  Companies will identify which actors they would like to see in a callback.  Actors will then schedule a time to meet with a company representative in their dedicated classroom at UVU.  Call backs will happen during the later afternoon and evening in each company’s callback space.  Companies may decide to call back actors to see them dance.  We’ll have a group dance callback later on in the afternoon. Actors can choose between a mover’s combo, an advanced dancer’s routine, and a tap routine.  The individual auditions and the dance call backs will be filmed and made available to companies immediately online and later on DVD.

Production personnel can also find work at RMSSTA.  We’ll post tech positions from each of the companies and then interested students can sign up for a time slot during their call back time in the company’s classroom.  During their appointment, students stop by for a quick interview and to give the company their resume.

The cost for all of this is only $35 for each student if they register by January 20, 2019.  Then the price jumps to $45 until January 30th, when registration closes.  All in all, it’s a phenomenal deal, compared to the Midwest Theatre Auditions at $50 and the South Eastern Theatre Conference at more than $170.  I hope you’ll encourage your students to come and make this year’s RMSSTA even bigger and better than last year’s.  Your students can register through our website:

If you have any questions about the audition, please don’t hesitate to contact Isaac Walters, UVU School of the Arts at the following contact opportunities: 1) 801-863-8434 or 2)

Audition 2018: The Ziegfeld Theater – Mamma Mia!

The Ziegfeld Theater announces open auditions for ABBA hit musical, “Mamma Mia!,” directed by Morgan Parry, choreographed by Bryan Andrews and music directed by Heidi Potter Hunt.

***Show pays a flat rate of $400. All actors must be available for performances in Ogden and Park City to receive stipend.***

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, December 4, 6-10 PM by appointment only. To schedule your audition, go to and click “Audition,” under the “Join Us” tab. Invitation only callbacks will be held Wednesday, December 5 in the evening and Sat. December 8 in the morning.

***If you are absolutely unavailable to audition on these dates, let us know as soon as possible so that we may arrange an alternate audition time for you, if possible.***

LOCATION: Ziegfeld Arts Academy – 2440 E 6600 S, in Uintah (at the intersection of US-84 and US-89, behind Pitcher Sports and Best Western)

PREPARE: For the audition, bring a printed copy of your resume and a headshot or recent picture. Prepare a 30-60 second selection from a Broadway musical or pop song in the style of the show. Sheet music is required; accompanist provided.

***Please no CD’s, mp3’s, or a cappella auditions. You are welcome to sing a selection from the show, but please bring a second, contrasting audition selection from a different musical (which we may or may not ask you to sing).***

PERFORMANCES: Ogden performances at The Ziegfeld Theater are February 22, 23, March 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 7:30 PM with Saturday matinees on March 2 and 9 at 2:00 PM. Park City performances at The Egyptian Theatre are March 22, 23, 24, 28,. 29,. 30. 31 at 7:30 PM with the exception of the Sunday performances, which are at 6:00 PM.

REHEARSALS: There will be a few rehearsals in December, but they will chiefly begin in mid January and will usually be held at the Ziegfeld Arts Academy, Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon. There will be longer spacing and tech rehearsals in Ogden the week before opening as well as in Park City the week before opening.

If you have any questions, please email

ROLES: Seeking strong actor-singers who move well and dancers. All roles are available. Colorblind casting – actors of ALL races and skin color are HIGHLY encouraged to audition. Roles detailed below.

  • Sophie Sheridan: Born and raised on the island, Gender: Female, Age: 20 to 25, Vocal range top: E5, Vocal range bottom: F#3
  • Donna Sheridan: Sophie’s mother, Gender: Female, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: A5, Vocal range bottom: E3
  • Sam Carmichael: Might be Sophie’s father, Gender: Male, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: Ab4, Vocal range bottom: D3
  • Bill Austin: Might be Sophie’s father, Gender: Male, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: F#4, Vocal range bottom: Bb2
  • Harry Bright: Might be Sophie’s father, Gender: Male, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: F#4, Vocal range bottom: C#3
  • Sky: Sophie’s fiancé, Gender: Male, Age: 20 to 30, Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: Eb3
  • Tanya: Former Dynamo, Gender: Female, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: E5, Vocal range bottom: E3
  • Rosie: Former Dynamo., Gender: Female, Age: 40 to 50, Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: E3
  • Lisa: Sophie’s friend, Gender: Female, Age: 20 to 25, Vocal range top: Db5, Vocal range bottom: G3
  • Ali: Sophie’s friend, Gender: Female, Age: 20 to 25, Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: G3
  • Pepper: Barman at Taverna, Gender: Male, Age: 20 to 25, Vocal range top: F5, Vocal range bottom: A4
  • Eddie: Helps Sky with Water-Sports, Gender: Male, Age: 20 to 25
  • Chorus: Consists of the Islanders, who work at Donna’s, Wedding-Guests, Gender: Both

Audition 2018: Highland Community Center – The Importance of Being Earnest

Auditions for The Importance of Being Earnest begin November 6th! ONLY online video submissions will be accepted November 6th to November 28th at midnight. In-person auditions will happen November 28th at the Highland Community Center from 6 PM until 9 PM.

You may choose to use one of the below monologues or prepare a one-minute Classical monologue.


  • Algernon Moncrieff: A charming, idle, and vain bachelor
  • John (Jack) / “Ernest” Worthing, J.P.: A respectable and serious gentleman with a bit of mystery in his past
  • Gwendolen Fairfax: A fashionable, intellectual, slightly pretensions cousin to Algernon
  • Cecily Cardew: Jack’s sweet and precocious ward
  • Lady Augusta Bracknell: Gwendolen’s domineering, judgmental mother
  • Miss Prism: Cecily’s pedantic, puritanical governess
  • Reverend Canon Chasuble, D.D.: The obliging, cheerful rector
  • Lane: Algernon’s dry, all-knowing manservant
  • Merriman: Jack’s obedient servant in the countryside

Algernon Monologue:

Jack Monologue:

Gwendolen Monologue:

Cecily Monologue:

Lady Bracknell Monologue:

Miss Prism Monologue:

Dr. Chasuble Monologue:

To apply for this audition, click here.

Audition 2018: American Fork Community Theater – Footloose

American Fork Community Theater is excited to announce auditions for our spring production of, “Footloose,” directed by Beth Bruner.

-Wednesday/ Nov 14th @ 6:00- 9:00 PM
-Thursday/ Nov 15th @ 6:00- 9:00 PM

Callbacks will be held by invitation only on November 17th from 10:00- 2:00. Dancing will take place at callbacks only. More details to follow after auditions.

AUDITION LOCATION: American Fork Arts Institute
53 West Main Street, American Fork


Please bring a hard copy of a theatrical resume and a photograph (the photograph does not have to be a formal head shot).

Please prepare a 1-minute monologue that reflects the character you are auditioning for (not from “Footloose”). If you want to join with a partner and bring a 2-minute memorized scene instead, that is also acceptable, however individual songs are requested.

Auditioners are also asked to prepare to sing 18- 32 bars of a Broadway song in the style of the show. We will have an accompanist there but you can also bring your own MP3 or cds. Plugins for MP3 players or phones/pads will be provided. NO A CAPPELLA singing, please. If you bring a pre-recorded track, please find the karaoke or minus track without singing. We want to hear your voice, NOT the voice of the artist who recorded the song.

All ages, genders, body types, and ethnicities are welcome. All roles are available. Character breakdowns, synopsis of the show, and ranges can all be found at

8 Performances will take place at the Valentine Theater ‪2/22, 2/23, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2, 3/4, 3/8, 3/9‬

FAQ: If you are absolutely not able to attend auditions or callbacks, video auditions will be accepted until November 15th at midnight.

Director: Beth Bruner
Stage Manager: Staci Gonzalez
Music Director: Jennifer Aguirre
Choreographer: DaMelly Alderete

We can’t wait to see you there!

Audition 2018: The Egyptian Theatre – Park City Holiday Spectacular and Sing-A-Long

The Egyptian Theatre announces auditions for it’s annual:
Park City Holiday Spectacular and Sing-A-Long!
Auditions will be held on Saturday November 11th from 1pm-3pm at the Theatre – 328 Main Street, Park City Utah. (*Video submissions also accepted – email them to by November 11th.)
We are looking for all kinds of different talents, ages, and performances – all must be holiday-themed. Please try and audition with the holiday selection you would like to perform.  If your selection is already taken we will help you find something else.
Performance dates are:
Friday December 14th & Saturday December 15th at 7:30pm,
Sunday December 16th at 6pm
Each participant will receive 4 complimentary tickets to the night of their choice and a $50 Egyptian Theatre Gift Card.
Performers will be chosen to perform 1 – 2 nights either Friday & Sunday or Saturday & Sunday.  We are shortening the length of the show and have one date less this year so we will unfortunately have to be very selective.
Email to sign up for a 5 minute time slot on November 11th 1pm-3pm.