JOB OPPORTUNITY: 360 Events & Promotions

My name is Serena Chen and I work for 360 Events & Promotions! We have costume work that I believe it would be a great opportunity for your students! We are looking for two Actors and two Handlers for a character appearance! Ideally the Actors are experienced and are comfortable in a fully enclosed costume.

When:Friday, September 15 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Where: Manti, Utah

Characters & Size Requirements:
-Michelangelo 5’3 – 5’5
-Raphael 5’5 – 5’7

Pay Rate:
$20/hr for Characters
$17/hr for Handlers

Interested parties can contact us at (858) 376 – 3761 or email me at  They should also register on our system at

About 360 Events & Promotions: We do thousands of events annually for top brands which equates to expanded opportunity.  A picture is worth a thousand words so please visit us on Instagram:  @360_promos.