Featured Roles

Narrator 1 (50-80) – British accent, a proper English Gentleman who longs to be in control of everything.

Narrator 2 (voice only) – Deep, rich, resonant voice, a la the voice of God.

Day Players

Arthur Weatherby (60-80) – Non-speaking. Friendly demeanor, lonely.

Kristoff (18-25) – Non-speaking. Youthful, naive farm boy. Wants more out of his life. A stereotypical Luke Skywalker/Harry Potter type.

MacGregor and Alistair (25-35) – Scottish warlords. Long hair a plus. Must be willing to grow facial hair. Scottish accent.

Audition Information

PROVO: Friday, June 9, 5:30-8:30, BYU Harris Fine Arts Center, Room F430

SALT LAKE: Saturday, June 10, 10am-12:30pm, BYU Salt Lake Center, Room 313

Sides will be provided. For more information, email