AUDITION: Independent Short Film SHOT CLOCK

SHOT CLOCK is an independent short film about a boy named Mark Collins, a high school basketball star whose father passed away in the military years back. His mother is always at his basketball games supporting him, until he asks her to stop coming to them. Meanwhile, he is conflicted between his gorgeous-popular girlfriend Laura, and Bella, a sweet girl he has known since he was a child. When Mark’s mother doesn’t show up to the game, she is killed in a car accident. Mark is told about his mother’s passing and decides to make some changes in his life, as he realizes he never appreciated his mother’s support like he should have. Knowing she would want him to pass along her enthusiasm, the story folds with Mark treating Bella how she deserves, almost as if she is a living example of his mother’s lifestyle.

URGENT: High production value equipment available to us for limited time! Looking for cast that can start ASAP! Characters wanted for Mark (high dialogue), Dad (No Dialogue)

Directed by Jack Wiley and Luka Nezi. Email if interested!