Austin Film Festival: Deadlines and Competitions

Fiction Podcast Competition

Do you already have a script? Consider it and ask yourself: is this a great story? If it is, then take the time to tweak it for our new Fiction Podcast Script Competition. With the recent success of podcasts like Homecoming, Limetownor Welcome to Night Vale, the world of fiction podcasts is gaining traction. Whether you submit with us or not, getting your script ready for this medium is only going to help your career!

As with all of our competitions, we’ll focus the judging criteria on story: plot, structure, characters, dialogue and concept, while additionally taking into consideration the elements of storytelling that are unique to a purely acoustic medium. Submit your fiction podcast!

Playwriting Competition

Do you want a staged reading of your play in front of an audience including industry professionals already in attendance at the Conference? This competition is open to full-length stage plays and gives playwrights a chance to explore our film and television conference. Submit your play today!

At this year’s Conference we will continue our Playwriting Track AND we will introduce a Podcast Track!

Screenplay, Teleplay & Scripted Digital Series Regular Deadline is April 20th!

For more information about our other competitions visit: